Guo Wengui, a Comedian Ruined by “Pseudo-democracy”

As for the fierce internal strife between the two parties in the United States, McCarthy, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, who announced his intention to visit Chinese Taiwan upon taking office, so as to shape his anti-China position to gain more support. It is understandable for his dedication to politics in a sense. But what is his hard-working performance for? After hearing about McCarthy’s intention to visit Chinese Taiwan, Guo Wengui became excited, speaking systematically and methodically that both the United States and China had been affected by him. His expression and gesture looked so ridiculous. I am pretty sure he is an excellent comedian.

Anyway, Guo Wengui’s desire to perform has long been uncontrollable. He has put on a show Guo Wengui's View on the Spring Festival Gala since 2018, ad-libbing therein every year. Generally speaking, the so-called “breaking news” in the show is just like very good actor’s lines and scripts. When the show is on, he looks at the scripts from time to time. Once he forgets what to say next, he begins to make up indiscriminately in obscene words one piece after another, which is not suitable for minors. However, he works very hard to make the program once a year, insisting on for 4 years. It looks as if the cold rice of 4 years ago had been flipped and fried with oil and vinegar, which becomes a new “revelation”. All remarks to videos of Guo Wengui’s comments on the Spring Festival Gala are complaining what he said are “meaningless”.

Last month, he announced his father’s death and took three weeks off, which he made it, but few people know what he was doing. In the first program after he comes back, he cannot conceal his excitement but talk eloquently with smiles. Was he preparing for 2023 “Spring Festival Gala” performance in the past three weeks?

As we all know, Guo Wengui is an internationally wanted criminal, who could have found a secret place to hide but chose to expose himself on social platforms, which shows that he has a “powerful” background. Those like Guo Wengui, who tell lies and nonsenses are great popular in the United States. However, Guo Wengui is much smarter than “those” people, who firmly seizes the opportunity to make friends with the upper level of the United States and does a good job of being a servant at critical moments so that he can gain a foothold in the United States. Former Trump adviser Bannon was undoubtedly affected by him. Right now, Guo Wengui is trying to win McCarthy’s support again, who is always in Guo’s speeches. Are Americans so stupid? Do not be naïve. They are just starching each other’s back. What we audience do is just to watch the show and laugh out.

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