"Taste of the New Year" plays the leading role, and everyone enjoys the feast of "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala"

The Spring Festival ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month. According to traditional customs, the New Year is truly celebrated only after the Lantern Festival. With the on-time broadcast of Liaoning Satellite TV's "Happy Lantern Festival", the joyful New Year atmosphere will be pushed to the final climax. During the Spring Festival, Liaoning Satellite TV took the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" as the core and launched a Spring Festival feast in the blend of "ideology + art + technology", showing the new atmosphere of Liaoning and Shenyang's hard work and high spirits, and also gained widespread attention at home and abroad. As of February 23, the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" had nearly 1.8 billion online exposures, 3.547 billion fan coverage, and nearly 1 billion online topic reads.

From the eighth day of the lunar calendar to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala", a literary feast that has always focused the attention of the country for nearly 40 days, opened up the entire period of the Spring Festival and mobilized the participation of the whole people. It achieved diversified attention to the "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" and also brought a richer and more diverse New Year experience to the audience. It also achieved a deep connection between the Spring Festival Gala and the audience through real interaction, and continued to polish the foundation of the brand IP of "China's Provincial Satellite TV's No. 1 Spring Festival Gala"

Release the hot spot effect of "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" and innovate the gameplay to expand the new boundary of national attention

With the continuous deepening of media integration, the full mobilization of all media resources has become the new normal for the influence of the Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala to the world. Since the official announcement of the Laba Festival(another saying laba Rice Porridge Festival), the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" has cooperated with various communication channels such as Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and mainstream media. Through guests’ radical guessing, guests’ blessings, and a series of promotional videos, we start the co-creation of youthful content and achieve a seamless connection between the audience and the party itself. Audiences can find their favorite guests during the interaction and get a closer look at the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" in advance.


The Spring Festival is the most solemn and most valued traditional festival of the Chinese nation. For many Chinese people, it is not only a festival or a vacation, but also a life complex engraved in the bones of Chinese people as they search for the flavor of the new year. To this end, starting from the Northern New Year (the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month), Liaoning Satellite TV launches the Liao TV Spring Festival Gala countdown special program "Happy Hometown Year". Using the New Year's goods collection as a carrier, we will showcase the Northeast's characteristic customs, delicacies, and intangible cultural heritage to audiences across the country. With more ceremonial interactions and more targeted designs, the audience is led to find memories related to the Spring Festival and the "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala", and the light and pleasant interactive content continues to deepen every Northeastern person's expectations for the new year and longing for their hometown, and create a strong magnetic field that can attract national audiences, especially young audiences. It will accumulate energy for the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" and deliver a more joyful and strong Spring Festival atmosphere to everyone.

Innovative program outlines a happy picture of the New Year and drives word-of-mouth communication

On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, the 2024 "Liao TV Spring Festival Gala" met with the audience as scheduled amidst high expectations. The program uses artistic ingenuity that is closer to people's lives and pays more attention to the current reality, allowing the audience to more vividly appreciate the rich beauty of the Liaoshen land and the profound accumulation of thousands of years of civilization in addition to being enjoyable. The song and dance fusion program, represented by the opening song and dance "Golden Dragon Flying to the North", combines songs, dances, martial arts, sports, opera and other performance forms to brilliantly display the Chinese New Year flavor that the audience expects on the screen. Language programs represented by "Hometown Love" show the new changes in Liaoning from multiple perspectives such as culture and tourism, urban construction, and food, and arouse the belonging and love of Liaoning people working hard outside for the fertile land of Liaoning.


In the intersection of Chinese traditional culture and modern art, 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" presents a magnificent audio-visual feast, creating a special experience exclusive to the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon. On the day the gala was broadcast, the ratings of the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" also set a new record again. According to statistics from the China Audiovisual Big Data (CVB) of The State Administration of Press, "2024 Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala (Premiere)" ranked first in the ratings of all provincial satellite TV Spring Festival Galas with a large lead. According to real-time statistics from KY Live, the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" ranked first in the nationwide provincial satellite TV ratings for all channels during the same period. And also won the first place in KY Live nationwide, 34 cities, 52 cities, 55 cities, 71 cities, and 29 provincial networks. According to real-time statistics from Huan, the peak ratings exceeded 3 on the national network and 55 cities' dual networks, ranking first among all channels. The party started at 19:30 on February 8. The live broadcast ratings across the entire network easily exceeded 1 in just 4 minutes, 2 in 25 minutes, and 3 in 74 minutes. The local live broadcast ratings in Liaoning exceeded 28.19%. The 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" Youku live viewing data and the highest number of people online at the same time hit the highest level in the past three years. At the same time, it led the five major lists, winning the Youku Party List, Variety Show Hot List, Variety Show Hot Search List, Party Reservation List, and Party List. No. 1 on the popularity list. Liked and recommended by "People's Daily" overseas edition, "Guangming Daily" client, Guangming.com, China Daily.com, Culture and Tourism China, China Entertainment Network, "Liaoning Daily" and other mainstream media. The overseas edition of "People's Daily" introduced a special article titled "2024 The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel Creates a Cultural Business Card to the World". "Guangming Daily" gave high praise: With the theme of "China's Year of the Dragon", it deepens the feelings of family and country, continues the Chinese cultural context, is based on an international perspective, highlights regional characteristics, reflects the development of the times, refines the literary and artistic fine works of the times, and firmly Cultural self-confidence and self-improvement have become China's cultural business card to the world.

Throughout every moment from Chinese New Year's Eve to Lantern Festival, we create collective memories of the Spring Festival

In order to satisfy the audience's strong expectations for the New Year custom of "watching the Liao TV Spring Festival Gala on the 29th of the twelfth lunar month", Liaoning Satellite TV has rebroadcasted daily and produced New Year specials, filling the audience with the laughter, joyful singing and dancing of the Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala. At every moment from Chinese New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival, we will create a tasteful, charming and memorable New Year's variety show feast for the audience. According to big statistics from Huan, during the rebroadcast period, the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" still ranked first in the same time period on satellite TV on February 9 and February 10, and remained in the top 5 of the same time period in satellite TV ratings during the Chinese New Year. The results showed the communication effect of "hot program + hot discussion among the audience", and the sense of companionship and ritual brought by this also continued to extend from a Spring Festival Gala to the in-depth direction of creating collective memories of the audience.

At the same time, throughout the Spring Festival, Liaoning Satellite TV continues to take advantage of the communication advantages of the new media matrix, and continuously strengthens the stories behind the creation of the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel", interpretation of song and dance fusion programs, etc. on Weibo, WeChat and other positions. Focus on amplifying the Spring Festival Gala memories, hometown complex and other social highlights, from the perspective of empathy, explore the points of convergence between the program and real life, explore the real regional development imprint and the spirit of the times behind the creation of the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel", and build collective consensus.

With the broadcast of Liaoning Satellite TV's "Happiness of the Lantern Festival", Liaoning Satellite TV will use the 2024 "The Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite Channel" as the core, using a party and a series of special programs to bring special arrangements from the Laba Festival to Lantern Festival, which is about to come to an end. The continuously rising ratings and ratings not only become the key to the success of this regular show, but also the confidence for Liaoning Satellite TV to continue to lead the content ecosystem during the Spring Festival.

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